Goals Change Your Life

Goals!  Who needs 'em? What are they? How do you set them? You will see below that it is not a daunting task as you may have believed, but a way to make your dreams  -  All of your dreams come true. Now then; just relax and humor me for a few minutes.

First of all, think about your life - perfect - just the way you want it. 

So when you're ready, let's just take a deep breath close your eyes and visualize your dream life. It should be like you're watching a movie of yourself and whomever you choose to be in it with you. 

First let's put you in a geographic place. Where would you like to be? Now think of nothing at this time, but simply being in this place. Just standing there alone... in the middle of this place. What do you see? What do you smell? What do you hear? What do you feel? 

Have you got it?

Now ask yourself...Am I alone, or is someone with me? Remember, this is your life, your choice. If you are with someone, what does he/she look like? Tall - short? Look at the features! What is the hair color of this person? Eye color? What is this person wearing?  How do you feel with this person? Dig deep into your heart and describe this relationship as you would like for it to be.

Now, let's put you just outside your home; with your back to the home. Are you in the city or outside? Are you in the mountains, on the ocean, by a lake, in the desert?  Again, what do you smell, see, hear, feel? 

In just a moment, you are going to turn around, open your eyes and look at your home. 

Slowly turn around. Visualize  the home. Is is a condo, a brick house,  a log cabin, a motor home, a house boat, an underground home? Is it a cave in the mountains that's been built into the most fabulous of architecture? You see it - it's yours and you walk in and take a tour of the home, from the front door describing the furniture, paintings on the wall, decorations of any and every kind. Are the windows open? What do you feel, smell, see, hear? 

What is your physical condition in your dream life? Are you involved in any sports? What is your perfect weight? How do you maintain it? Stop in front of a mirror in your home, at the end of the hall, and admire yourself. Describe every part of your body as you see it.

Now, sit down and go to your online bank or look into your portfolio. What is your balance in your checking account, in your savings account, in your money market account? What about all of your other investments, land, property, businesses? Describe the feeling you have when you casually check the balances of all of your accounts; one by one your elation at the material wealth. 

Now you take a moment; and in a meditative state, slowly breathing deep breaths you express your thankfulness to your spiritual preferences. And you feel the benefit of your gratitude deep within your soul. And you rest.

Now another day begins and you set out for a rewarding day's work. What is it that you do, exactly? Describe your job as a day in the life of... What's on your calendar today, this week, this month? Describe the satisfaction at the accomplishments of your career.

What kind of an education do you have? What is your degree? Where did you go to school? Maybe you don't have a degree, but what got you here doing what you're doing now? Why will you stay in this career? Is it the money? Is it the joy and satisfaction? You may even have a desire to obtain a degree. If so just add it to the list.


Who needs 'em?

Just about every successful person
 in history has set goals. Specifically, about 93% of all Millionaires set goals and have them in writing. Most carry their goals on their person even after the goal is achieved.


What are they?

Summarized in the phrase "dream with a deadline," a goal is an observable and measurable end result having one or more objectives to be achieved within a more or less fixed time-frame. In comparison, a 'purpose' is an intention (internal motivational state) or mission. The question, "Has the goal been achieved?" can always be answered with either a "Yes" or "No." A purpose, however, is not 'achieved' but instead is pursued everyday.

How do you set them?

No matter the goals you have, writing them down, keeping the book with you, and reading over the goals two to three times a day is the surest way to achieve them. They should be Specific, Written, Attainable, Relevant, Measurable, and Sensitive to a deadline .

Now that you've completed the exercise to the Left, you may have a better understanding of the Goals that you will need to set to achieve your perfect life. 

If you're not geographically where you would like to be, that may be a goal. To achieve this goal, however, you may need to set some other, perhaps, smaller goals.

The format of the books to the right, will not only keep your goals organized, but will also keep you mindful of them. 

They will allow you to put in writing the obstacles you place before you (beliefs that limit) and the tools to break down the walls (victory statements). 

Then you will write the steps you will need to take to reach each goal. There is one page for each goal (Front and back of one physical sheet). There is a place for a beginning and a victory date as well as a category for the goal as something you want to HAVE, DO, or BE

There is a section on the back page of each goal that will allow for a picture, and a description in advance of the success. With this picture of your goal completed, visualize that you are there as in the exercise to the left. 

What do you see? How do you feel? What do you smell? What do you hear? 

Be as descriptive as possible, letting all of your senses immerse you into each of your goals as if you were already there. 

These books are set up for 10, 25, 50, or 100 goals respectively, as well as a pocket size book set up for 18. The only thing missing from the pocket size book is the space for a picture of your goal already set. This should make it a little more challenging to be descriptive.

Once your goals are written, look at them once when you get up in the morning, once at lunch, and once before you go to bed. As you read the goals, take a moment as you did in the exercise to the left to visualize your goals as already achieved; let them overtake you and as Jack Canfield says, "Act as If."

The nature of this site prevents me from saying, "Good Luck," so I'll just say, "Good Goaling."


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Goal Book 10

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Goal Book 50

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